Julep cupid mystery box February 2014


I have really been thinking about adding Julep to my subscription list but now that they got rid of their skip option I haven’t been able to commit, so I decided to order their mystery box. I ended up paying $ 28 total (shipping). I went with the make up lovers box in case I did not like the nail polish quality since I have never order from julep before.


These are the nail colors I got in my box. I have to say I love them. The one on the far right will be great for 4th of July. The coral color in the middle is great and perfect for the warm Florida weather all year round. The last color was the one I knew about and I still love it.


My eye make up is constantly running because of the 98% humidity in Florida all the time so i am super excited for this in my box.


I usually love mascara and can never get enough of it but this one arrived all dried up. I emailed them and will let you know what they say.


The scent is not my favorite but it also doesn’t bother me. I ask really like the twist bottom, i don;t tend to squeeze too much out.


The colors are a nice neutral color and will be great for travelling since I already use the Urban Decay naked pallete and these just do not have the same effect. They just do not seem to be great on the pigmenting.

While I may not have loved loved everything in my box I am overall very happy with it and I would pay $28 for the things that I do love. I also am addicted to getting subscription boxes, if i go too long without getting one I will sign up for another. I should have a birch box and glossy box coming soon.


5 thoughts on “Julep cupid mystery box February 2014

  1. I’m disappointed for this box. I have been a Maven since like January 2013 and I have all of the items that are in this box minus the mascara. What a disappointment! I was hoping they would send make up that they hadn’t recently sent out in the last umm, three months. Since I don’t wear Julep Nail Polish, this box was a big waste of $24.00 for me.
    By the way, since you’re not subscribed yet, I find their nail polish to be a let down. I have a handful of them and if I used one coat and a top coat, the polish is chipped within a couple of days. I use my hands a lot though so that could be why. If I use two or more coats, it takes forever to dry, even with the quick dry drops. Hence why I only wear gel polish now! 🙂 The glitter polish stays on forever but you better be in love with it because it will not come off for weeks.

    • The coral one in my box has been lasting for days now but I am really rough on my polish so mine never last very long. At least for now I’m not signing up but I did just buy a bunch on sale an ill update soon when that order gets in so be on the lookout.

  2. The pink glitter really does not look good over other polishes. It’s best as a sheer tint over your nails. The coral one I got is great though and it stays without chipping for so long.

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